Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas haul :)

Christmas was awesome! and I hope everyone had a great one.
I love reading what all of you got and I wanted to share with you all what I got too :)

Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette




This is the one thing I wanted the most and my aunt bought it for me :). I loooove everything about it! THe shadows are so pigmented! I have one of the colors in my other KVD palette but I don't mind having a back up of that one. THe rollerballs are good the scent it not bad they smell a lil bit spicy like me :P. I may wear the lashes for New Yrs Eve :).




I never ever seen this palette or brand but I love it. It has a nite side and day side. The colors are pretty and pigmented! I can't wait to use it!

M.A.C. 210 Brush


My sister knows how much of an eyeliner whore I am and got me this :). I've used it and it's AMAZING it makes doing cat liner easier for me !

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows in NOT JUST NUDES


I always wanted this and I might be super late in getting it ahha. I haven't tried them out yet just swatched them but the colors are great! I heard mixed reviews that they crease and then say don't crease but I'll see how they work out for me.

REVLON Satin Eye Shadow in Shimmering Sienna


I been looking for a copperish/redish shadow and I finally found it! :) I looove the texture of this shadow its soo "silky". I didn't know Revlon made these. I been missing out. I was gonna get MACs Coopering but not anymore after buying this one.

M.A.C. Dark Diversion Fluidline



M.A.C. Chromagrapic Pencil

I was anxiously waiting to the Cham pale and Stylish Yours collections to get these! I love dark diversion fluidline. I've been wanting to get a burgundy/purpleish/brownish color liner/base. I also wanted that pencil cause its so versatile!! It's amazing! :)

I hope you gals enjoyed my haul! :) I'll probably do more in depth reviews on stuff once I try them out. If you want to know about something specific let me know :))).

I hope everyone has a great week and I can't wait for New Years Eve :)))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Been a while...

since I posted something :x.

Well, got over finals week and passed all my classes :) which I thought at least one I wasn't but glad I did! :)

Got a haul to share!

CCO Trip In Nevada

Mineralize Blush in Light Over Dark



The color does look kinda scary but light on the cheeks it gives you a nice tan look :). It might even look good as shadows :p

MAC Glitter in Reflects Rust

I loove glitter but I don't have much :(. I saw this and fell in love its such a nice red/rusty color! Not sure how I will use it...I think its not eye safe but that is not gonna stop me :p.

Rite Aid

Wet N Wild Trio in Knock on Wood (aahhaa I mostly got this cause I love that song)



I like this palette. The colors blend well, I wish the Brow bone color would be a lil more pigmented.

Wet N WIld Ultimate Minerals Bronzer in Amber Glow


ginabinawina99 had a video comparing WNW Amber Glow to MAC Stereo Rose and she mention how it was a very close dupe! I love this, this is one of my go to items in the moment. I can't personally say if it is very similar but from swatches from ppl seems like a very close enough.

That's all I have for tonight!

I can't wait for xmas :). It's been raining here since last Thursday! It's crazy I saw that sun today ahah I forgot how it actually looked liked. I am just glad I was able to stay home and enjoy it all.

Hope all of you have an AWESOME XMAS and get all the stuff you guys wanted! :) I hope I do.



Monday, December 6, 2010

Elf update



-Contouring blush and bronzing powder.

I really wanted to like this...I do like the bronzing part but the blush not so much :/. It swatches well on my hand but when I put on the blush on my cheek I didn't get as much color in and a got a BUNCH of shimmer. Maybe it will be better for highlight? The only way I use it is if I mix the both colors together. Maybe my skin tone is not for it. Either way I will still use it. The mirror is huge and the blush and the bronzer together does look good. I will continue my search for that peachy color blush!


I love this! It is a very good eye primer. It's not drying and it glides on your eye well. No creasing for me and a little will go a long way. It does smell kinda funky but other than that it is good for 3 dollars! :)


+++ on this brush. I love it; packs on shadow well. Very impressed since I didn't really like the C brush from their studio Line. For a dollar its really a steal :).


ok, I was hoping this would be a good eye liner brush to apply eyeliner on my lid and do a wing...

The bristles are too flimsy for doing any cat eye or top liner... for me at least. I will use this more for eyebrows or even applying gel liner on the waterline.


This is a good primer! It leaves my face feeling like silk and makes my foundation application easier. When I used this I had dry spots on my face and I used it a couple times and the dry spots went away :). When I first use it I felt it was toooooooo oily and it scared me a bit but after I put it on my face it but it didn't feeling oily at all.


Good- it spot cleans my brushes to were I can use them again with out doing a full deep shampoo cleaning.

Bad- It smells and the smell stays in the brushes afterward.

The smell like really cheap perfume. I don't mind it as much because it does the job.


LOVE this brush!!! soft and it applies blush really well. Very cheap alternative for any flat brush out there.

This is only the stuff I used to far. I have yet to try the rest of the stuff I got.

SO far, I like my purchases! Yea, there were somethings that didn't work out for me but I found another way to use it so it wasn't that much of a fail.

I will do a part two soon.

I hope everyone had a good weekend :) I went to Boulder, NV for the weekend and you all know what that means...I went to the CCO :) i'll do a post about it later.


Saturday, November 27, 2010




It feels like forever since I have done a post just been enjoying my holiday weekend too much :)

Okay, now an Avon haul!

Gleam Gold 24k Quad and Red Gold 24k Lipstick

The gold color is kinda chalky but I used the wet the other day its not so bad. The fourth color which is the brown looks amazing on top of NYX French Fries.

I loove the lipstick! The gold really pops out of it and it is not so red. You can build up to a brighter color too so it won't be so sheer. I love sparkle on my lips so if you don't then you should try it.


I also ordered the Tarte Good as Gold lip gloss set and they were offering lots of samples and a Sephora bag so I got a crap load of samples for free :).
I gave 2 of these glosses to my sister and I kept the rest. It's 29 dollars for all those and it's not bad. I haven't tried these on so I hope they are good!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I went Black Friday shopping and it was crazy ahaha but fun!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I apoligize for the quality and the eyebrows >:o I need to get on that this weekend ahahha.


Hahah Trying to be cute :p


You can see the sparkles from the dazzleglass! Loves it!

So this is my FOTD with VIOLETTA! I love this color (not because my name is Violet ahah)I wore to school and I was a bit scared but it wasn't that bad.

MAC Hot Contrast (the marbleized side)
L'oreal Telescopic Waterproof eyeliner ( I think this is a new liquid liner and it's not that bad!)

MAC blush Ombre in Vintage Grape

MAC Violetta with Funtabulous dazzleglass on top.

I demand everyone to go get VIoletta NOW hahaha jk. I am glad I still caught it online on the MAC website. It seems like ordering on the PRO website is a hassle :/ ahaha. It is a very fun color and the holidays are coming up which is a great way to bust the bright lippies out!

I'm excited for Thanksgiving next wk! No school and fooood :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Finally my ELF stuff came in the mail! it took forever! ( the processing did..the shipping not so much).

I orders with the 50% off studio and bath coupon! hehehe I saved 27 dollars :)


Excuuuuuuse my messy desk! ehhe I do everything on here...hw, makeup, eat (sometimes ahah.

Things I got

-HD Powder
-Mineral Eye Primer
-Powder Brush
-Shadow brush
-Daily brush Cleaner
-Angled Brush
-Contouring Blush and Bronzing powder
-Blush in GOttaglow
-Mineral Infused Primer
-Gel liner in Coffee
and a free gift
-Facial WHip is toasted

I'll do a review soon on these once I use them :)

I still have another small package coming but that won't be till next wk :/.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Unexpected purchases...


Sooo..I went to M.A.C. this weekend with my sister and she was there to get a lippie from the Tartan Tale ( I forgot which one) It was called cut a something hahaha. I saw that they had the Wicked Ways lipglass from the VV collection but of course I asked the girl and she said they did have it but when she checked they didn't anymore so that was a bummer :(. I didn't want to leave empty handed so I got the wipes (I wanted the 45 but of course they ran out of those too) so I just got the 100 wipes for 28 with tax :X. I was like FUCK these better be good! I tried them this whole week...they are good as in taking off my mascara and eyeliner but they kinda irritate my eyes. Idk if its because of my dry skin? but it's not that bad so I will continue to use them. They will last a while so I guess it was money well spent.

M.A.C. Violetta!!!!!!!!!!!!! They still had in on the MAC website and I saw this on my friend and I had to have it! I am so glad I did before they ran out of it cause its a PRO item. I tried it on with Funtabulous and its GORGEOUS!I can't believed I lived without it! It does not look so purple on me but more of a fuchsia. I can;t wait to wear it out!

I never thought I would ever buy these thing but I guess I should never say NEVER. I have been missing out!

I also got this in the mail...


Yayyy! I havent watched these in yrs and they are a MUST in my collection. After watching GLEE last week I realized I didn't have the Rocky Horror picture show so I got on that ASAP! :)

I am waiting on my ELF packages! I dont know why they are taking forever :(.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend blog and award!

I had so much fun this weekend! My twin and I went to the movies with my friend to see Jackass 3D again (Yes, my twin and I bond over this and I love it!). Then we went to the 24 hr Walmart and walked around for a while haha.

Saturday we went to the mall to get some leggings for my cousins cousin 15 bday party (I consider them cousins too ahha. We got there and the arrangements were soo pretty and she looked so pretty with her dress too bad I didn't take ANY pics :(.
Of course, I got the table by the bar and started drinking heheh. It was fun! I danced and fell cause someone spilled beer on the dance floor and of course I had to fall :/ kinda embarrassing but I just brushed it off and kept dancing heheh.
I love spending time with my cousins cause we don't do that often and that's why I am excited for the holidays because Thanksgiving, Xmas and New years we all get together and have fun!

Yay! for the award! Thank you! http://lipstitsteethhips.blogspot.com/ !!!! go follow her she is awesme and I loove reading her post!


The rules for this award go as follows:

1) Say who gave you the award,
2) State ten things that you like, and
3) Pass the award on to ten other bloggers and notify them of said award!

So, ten things that I like:

1. Make up!
2. Movies
3. Cheese!
4. Musicals
5. Ryan Dunn <3
6. My shows! ehhehe
7. Youtube
8. The cold windy weather :P
9. Beer!
10. My iphone 4

Ten fabulous bloggers!

I ordered stuff from ELF and Mac and I can't wait for it to come to me! Hopefully by the end of the week! so I can post on that :) <3

Monday, November 1, 2010

The weekend

SO..my friends actually had a Halloween Party! THis is the first time I have been to one and it was fun!


After a couple of drinks ahhaha! I just bought some horns and wore all black. Did a light silver eye with an intense cat eye and false lashes.


My friend and I. Kinda see my whole outfit on this one!

It was a fun weekend! I hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Yes! It's been cloudy/rainy this whole week (except for today there was some sun). It was time for a fall look!

I used the neutral and black on the Kat Von D Love Palette.
I started with the cream but it was WAY tooooo hard to get on my eye :(. It was chunky and it pissed me off so that was a fail.
So, I used Peanut (light shimmer) on my lid. Then Rebekah and Lucifer (shimmering brown and black) on the crease and shaped it.

Melon Pigment to Highlight and Mocha Blush from Avon

Gingeroot lip pencil
Hue Lipstick
Sugarimmed Dazzleglass

That was my look of the day! YaY Thursday!!!

Random pic-


I took this while I waited for JACKASS 3D to start hehehe ain't I a stinker? haha

THe movie was AMAZING! The boys did it again! Can't wait for it to come out on dvd and for them to release 3.5. It was EPIC! <3

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010



I know...very cheesy smile eh? haha

Too Faced-Label Whore eyeshadow
NYX Jumbo pencil in French Fries.

Cheeks- M.A.C.
Breezy Blush (Like always ahha)
Melon pigment as a highlighter

Lips- M.A.C.
Viva Glam II
Viva Glam VI (Special Edition)


I love this Duo Chrome! This is a Brown/Green shimmer shadow. The French Fries pencil brought out more of the brown. I haven't tried it with a black base yet. I'm sure that will bring out the green.


Cause I'm badass! :P

Do you like Duo chromes shadows? If so, what are you favorite ones? I only have this one. I would like to know what more is out there!

JACKASS 3D comes out tomorrow!!!! You guys don't know this but I am a HUGE fan! I been anxiously waiting for it to be at theaters. I will probably watch it till Sunday though. any jackass fans out there?

Well, that's all! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smudge pots and award


I will be blogging about Stila's Smudge pot Holiday Set and one of the Barbie Smudge pots that came out a while back.


Starting from the left: Violet, Black, Starry Night, and Kitten.

WITH FLASH: VIolet, Starry Night and Kitten... (Didn't swatch the black cause its black ahah we all know how that looks like)

W/O flash

I wore Violet (which looks blue on camera...i guess cause of the blue undertones) for my friends bbq and it got so flaky and nasty. I don't know if I am applying them the wrong way but they are so hard to work with.

Starry Night(navy blue with gold sparkles which is really pretty) I haven't used this one as much but I think this one and Violet would be better used as eyeliners.

I have used Kitten as a base but they dry off so quickly that if you put too much of it it looks chunky so I am lazy to use this but when I have use it it looks pretty with a shadow and eyeliner on top of it.

I LOVE the black one thought. I use this almost everyday and its creamy even as a base. ( I plan to buy the reg. size of this when I am done with the one I have. I think it has more staying power than M.A.C's fluidline).



W/O flash


This one is called "Little Black Dress". It has pretty pink sparkles in it. I had to have this hhahah. I have use this on the eyes and with "Cholita" from the KVD True Love palette and it works well. It is also drying but not as much as Violet. I used this as a eyeliner (winged eyeliner) for school this wk and the glitter got on my face and I also saw flaking with it :/.

Final thoughts-
They are very pretty colors but I don't know why the are so dry. I'm thinking its the glitter in them because the Black is not like the others. I will probably keep using them as eyeliners except for Black and Kitten.

Questions for you-
Have you used these? Am I doing something wrong or are the ones with glitter just hard to work with? DO you like them?

http://krystlemethod.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-award.html (check her out she has an awesome blog)
She gave me the One Lovely Blog award and thanks you soooooo much!!!

Here is what you have to do when you receive this award:

1. Make a post about the award and link the blog of the person who gave it to you

2. Give the award to 15 blogs that you've found out recently

3. Tell these bloggers that they have an award.


I don't think it should be limited to only 15 lovely bloggers!

I say this award goes to all 54 of my followers because ALL of you have lovely blogs :). I really enjoy every single one of your blogs and I love reading and reading your opinions on what we all love..... BEAUTY!

I hope you all have a great wk and it's raining here! YES!!!!! I looove it! I hope we don't go back to those HOT days!