Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Been a while...

since I posted something :x.

Well, got over finals week and passed all my classes :) which I thought at least one I wasn't but glad I did! :)

Got a haul to share!

CCO Trip In Nevada

Mineralize Blush in Light Over Dark



The color does look kinda scary but light on the cheeks it gives you a nice tan look :). It might even look good as shadows :p

MAC Glitter in Reflects Rust

I loove glitter but I don't have much :(. I saw this and fell in love its such a nice red/rusty color! Not sure how I will use it...I think its not eye safe but that is not gonna stop me :p.

Rite Aid

Wet N Wild Trio in Knock on Wood (aahhaa I mostly got this cause I love that song)



I like this palette. The colors blend well, I wish the Brow bone color would be a lil more pigmented.

Wet N WIld Ultimate Minerals Bronzer in Amber Glow


ginabinawina99 had a video comparing WNW Amber Glow to MAC Stereo Rose and she mention how it was a very close dupe! I love this, this is one of my go to items in the moment. I can't personally say if it is very similar but from swatches from ppl seems like a very close enough.

That's all I have for tonight!

I can't wait for xmas :). It's been raining here since last Thursday! It's crazy I saw that sun today ahah I forgot how it actually looked liked. I am just glad I was able to stay home and enjoy it all.

Hope all of you have an AWESOME XMAS and get all the stuff you guys wanted! :) I hope I do.




  1. Welcome back! I am also done with finals amd i am happy to say it was a perfect straight A semester =D

    i really, really, want a MAC MSF like yours, with some color but they never have any at the counter, i wonder if thse tend to be limited editions!?

    I also saw that video and i am tempted to try that wnw dupe and that palette you have...looks pretty!

  2. Thank you! Hehe yay! For ur As!

    Hmmm...I dont know many about MSFs so idk how many they have that are not limited. Have you looked on the website? Moat of the good ones are limited editions ugh :/.

    You should get it! I loove Amber Glow :) its cheap too so u can't loose :)

  3. It's so nice to see you back!
    That glitter looks yuuuummy! Is it lip safe? Because that would look stunning mixed with clear gloss/over a lipstick.

  4. Congrats on passing all your classes! That W&W trio looks lovely :)

  5. @Rakhshanda Thank you!!!

    @Amy THanks! Good to be back :). I think it is lip safe!!

    @Amber Thanks! Its a nice trio! I want to check out more of their trios!

  6. Great colors my fav is the first pallet !!! Thanks for stopping by my page and like always leaving your sweet comments !!!