Monday, September 27, 2010

What have I been up to?

School, School and more SCHOOL! :(

Thats all I do from Mon-Thursday. Fridays I usually spend time with Friends. Saturday spent my whole day on math :(. This Sunday my friend had a pre bday bbq and we spent the whole day at her house just laughing and having girl talk.

I live in California and today was the hottest day EVER! It was over 100. If you guys don't know by now...I HATE IT! with a passion :(. I want to be cold and wear dark looks without it melting it off my face! is some pics of last wk

Here with my friend in the bathroom before taking our Math exam ahha. I'm wearing smoking diamonds by M.A.C.

Here we are at my friends nieces quincianera. Salsa band was off the hook! :p
Wearing blackground paint pot and carbon eyeshadow.

My FAVE look of the wk.
I used Benefits Birthday Suit as a base and ELF's Golden Glow (VERY PRETTY) with Melon pigment as a highlighter and MAC Breezy Blush (which I used in most of these pics)

This was on Sunday!


IT was a very HOT sunday and I wore the Stila Smudge pot in VIOLET...after using these for a while. I will review them/rant about them next time!

Sorry, I been MIA on posts but I try to keep up with reading everyones blogs!:) I hope everyone has a great week!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had time before I to go to school to show you gals my face of the day.

AH! SOrry for the crappy lighting :(

Coastal Scents Matte 88 palette
COttage Cheese NYX jumbo pencil as a highlighter but just a little bit of it.



Mark's blush (I think its called Runway Glow but it is discontinued :( this is the only blush from Mark I really liked and its kinda cracked! IDK how that happened)


VIva Glam Cyndi
I applied it on with a light hand because I didn't want it tooo pink.

I love how the eye color matches my shirt! THe good thing about the CS palette is the bright bold colors in them. It may be too bold for school...but I don't care! :)makes me look awake anyway :P

I hope everyone has a great day!


Monday, September 13, 2010

NYX Jumbo Pencils


These are the jumbo pencils I have...

Starting with

Cottage Cheese- This is a white/pearl shimmery color. I love this color but it creases like crazy even with primer on. I use it more on the inner corner to brighten up the eyes.

French Fries- I had French Fries for 2 wks now and it is my favorite out of the 4! Its a perfect base for browns/golden brown eyeshadows. This didn't crease on me so thats good!

Milk-A LOT! of people love using Milk as a base but I haven't had a chance to use it..I kinda don't know how I would since its so white. ANy ideas? if any of you have this do you use it? It is a matte white and very pigmented.

SLate- This would be my second favorite. It is a metallic-y charcoal/gray. I use this the most when using my gray shadows on my MEtal Orchestra palette by Kat Von D. I got compliments the day I wore it last wk :). Its simple and dark :loves it!:

***Kat Von D palettes are 24 dollars right now on Sephora online! so if you have been wanting to try them you should totally take advantage of this deal! it ends the 30th of this month***

SWATCHES! with flash


Slate, Milk, French Fries, and Cottage Cheese.

I would recommend them. I think they are workable. I might get more they have A LOT of colors to choose from and I believe they are 3 dollars and something. It depends where you get them.

DO you HATE them or LOVE them? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Felling the blue today (FOTD)


This is how I looked for school today..too bad when I got there there was a sign in sheet on the door saying that my class is canceled ahhaha so I figured I would do a post on what I am wearing.

Eyes-Coastal Scents 88 Matte palette


I used the lighter blue all over the lid and then packed in the darker blue on top of it and blended it. I already hit pan on my blue :( I only reach in for this palette for this blue so that kinda sucks I'm half way done with it.


Winged eyeliner using L'oreal's Carbon Black Lineur Intense liquid liner and MAC blacktrack fluid line on the waterline.

Face-I used my Maybellines Dream Smooth Mousse foundation with MAC's Studio Fix Powder in C35. For cheeks I used MAC's Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre. You can berly tell I have it on but its there and it is a very light pink so I don't look like a clown with blue and pink on my face :).


Lips- Benefit's Lady Choice lipstick



My swatch kinda sucks but its a nice pretty pink semi-bright nude (well, at least on me it looks that way). I used it with a lip brush and on my lips cause I didn't want it to be to bold.

My shirt is from MINGHANGS the movie <3

That was FOTD. I hope you guys enjoy it since its my first one ahah don't judge me :P. I hope everyone has a great weekend and NO school on Monday! Yayyy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Favorite face brushes!


E.L.F.Kabuki Face Brush $5.00

Love, love , love!!! It is the softest brush I have ever had. I use this to apply powder on my face and it does the job. It covers all off my face and it's cheap! I was using my MARK powder brush before but its prickly :x so it is a big difference! If you are looking for a Kabuki for a good price this is the one.

M.A.C. 130 Short Duo Fiber Brush $40


I love this brush to apply my foundation. It packs on a lot and it gives good coverage. This is the only MAC brush I own, I just couldn't pass and not get it. I know 40 bucks it's crazy..... but it is worth it!

E.L.F. Complexion Brush $3.00


This brush is awesome! I use it for blush and it applies very well. I have a Mocha Blush from Avon that I haven't really worn because every time I put it on with my other brush (MARK) it would leave me looking all muddy (yuuck). So I tried it with this brush and it makes the color really blend and not look all nasty so I am very impressed by that! It's so soft too! you can also use this for powder and contouring.

SO these are my everyday face brushes! Do you have any faves? Let me know!

Song of the day: School Days-The Runaways