Monday, September 13, 2010

NYX Jumbo Pencils


These are the jumbo pencils I have...

Starting with

Cottage Cheese- This is a white/pearl shimmery color. I love this color but it creases like crazy even with primer on. I use it more on the inner corner to brighten up the eyes.

French Fries- I had French Fries for 2 wks now and it is my favorite out of the 4! Its a perfect base for browns/golden brown eyeshadows. This didn't crease on me so thats good!

Milk-A LOT! of people love using Milk as a base but I haven't had a chance to use it..I kinda don't know how I would since its so white. ANy ideas? if any of you have this do you use it? It is a matte white and very pigmented.

SLate- This would be my second favorite. It is a metallic-y charcoal/gray. I use this the most when using my gray shadows on my MEtal Orchestra palette by Kat Von D. I got compliments the day I wore it last wk :). Its simple and dark :loves it!:

***Kat Von D palettes are 24 dollars right now on Sephora online! so if you have been wanting to try them you should totally take advantage of this deal! it ends the 30th of this month***

SWATCHES! with flash


Slate, Milk, French Fries, and Cottage Cheese.

I would recommend them. I think they are workable. I might get more they have A LOT of colors to choose from and I believe they are 3 dollars and something. It depends where you get them.

DO you HATE them or LOVE them? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. i havent tried any of the jumbo pencils and im so glad taht we recently got them this month were i live. im sure i would love them though since i hear great things about them!

  2. i had them! Then I melted them into an eyeshadow pot after being unable to sharpen them. They all creased on on me =( but i really liked them. I use the white as a brow highlighter and in the inner tear duct. Sometimes i use it after my UDPP if i want the shadow to really stand out. For the most part, these are a waste for me, because they crease and i tend to have oily lids, but for those that do not have the same problem, they are awesome as eyeshadow base!

  3. @DOnna yay for having the near you for you to purchase.

    @Aranza awwww bummer! :( for the creasing it sucks! I had the black one and that one creased on me too. I guess its a luck thing.:/ Thanks!

  4. i use milk as a base to brighten my colors. apply on lid and blend it just a little. when you put ur shadow on top, the colors pop :) i love nyx jumbo pencils theyre amazing. nice blog, im a new follower :)

  5. i love these pencils. they are quite inexpensive and are great as a base or to add a bit of colour. great post =) xx

  6. i love these, they are so good :)

    x Christine