Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is the one collection I have been waiting for! :since I missed the Disney one :( :


I ended up getting...


Lipglass-Athena’s Kiss

Blush Duo-Mighty Aphrodite

MSF-Pink Power

I personally love it! I think it's so Wonder Woman and I will not be embarrass of pulling out that huge lipgloss haah.

Spit Fire



I LOVE the lipstick packaging! It was really hard to figure, what lipstick I really wanted. It's a very intense color but I can pull it off haha. If you have worn Violetta you can wear anything in the purple range ahha.

Athena's Kiss


This is similar to the Dazzleglass in Funtaboulous but this is way more way pigmented. Wearing it alone can be enough! but it looks amazing over Spitfire!

Mighty Aphrodite



The thing I wanted the most! It is soooo pretty and I love the fact that it has mirror in there :). I don't anything peachy/coral so it was a must.

Pink Power


(sorry for the blurry picture :o )

Okay okay......this was an UNEXPECTED purchase. I was not planning on getting this but I went to Macy's with my twin on Friday and I was curious to see what was still in stock....EVERYTHING was still in stock! Including msf's and blushes. I swatched Pink Power and fell in love <3. I didn't want to shell out the 34 bucks for it so my sister bought it for me as an early bday present (our bday is next month)so yayyy!!! :)

Reason why I didn't want to get it...cause I felt it was going to be toooo bronze on me but with a light hand it gives me a nice glow to my face. It's super huge..I love it!

Final thoughts-

I have never gotten this many MAC products in one collection. I love this collection even though it is a bit pricey :o.

Did you guys like this collection? skipped it? too cheesy? ahah

I have no school tomorrow but I have a lot to do :(. I still have the cough of death..FMl!

Good day! <3

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ay! I haven't been blogging much :(.

I feel much better now. I still have coughing attacks here and there but I am just glad I don't have to be in bed all day.


I love this! I went back to MAC and got the Cherry lip liner to wear with Ruby Woo and It is my new love! I told my friend she needed Cherry since we are both trying to wear reds more often.


I used the Revlon Cream shadow in Not Just Nudes *the skin color one which did crease on me but eh! not a big of a crease to hate it*

Then just winged gel liner.

Cherry Lip liner and Ruby Woo.

WnW Amber Glow mineral bronze thing


This was my attempt to do a winged shadow inspired by Pixiwoo but I don't have a good hand ahha waaaah! I need to practice more with it.

I have a haul to share which I need to dedicate time and organize :o.

Is anyone looking forward to the MAC WonderWoman collection??

I want the Mighty Aphrodite Blush. I wanted one of the MSFs but they are too much bronze for me :o. Maybe I'll get one of those huge lipglass ahha