Thursday, October 14, 2010



I know...very cheesy smile eh? haha

Too Faced-Label Whore eyeshadow
NYX Jumbo pencil in French Fries.

Cheeks- M.A.C.
Breezy Blush (Like always ahha)
Melon pigment as a highlighter

Lips- M.A.C.
Viva Glam II
Viva Glam VI (Special Edition)


I love this Duo Chrome! This is a Brown/Green shimmer shadow. The French Fries pencil brought out more of the brown. I haven't tried it with a black base yet. I'm sure that will bring out the green.


Cause I'm badass! :P

Do you like Duo chromes shadows? If so, what are you favorite ones? I only have this one. I would like to know what more is out there!

JACKASS 3D comes out tomorrow!!!! You guys don't know this but I am a HUGE fan! I been anxiously waiting for it to be at theaters. I will probably watch it till Sunday though. any jackass fans out there?

Well, that's all! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy!


  1. Pretty! You look 'badass' =D

    I love the shadow and the lipcolors! I do not have any MAC...i know right!!! I am behind on things, but I will give it another shot and go on a MAC mini-shopping spree lol!

  2. Love this look, you look so pretty :)

    Thank you for your comment <3
    The smell of the elf brush cleaner reminds me off hairspray. Its not the best smell, but it dont smell bad. :)

    x Christine

  3. Hey lovely look!!! Love the eyeshadow and your eyes look beautiful...Great blog...Try checking out mine.

  4. you have the cutest face!
    i used to do winged eyeliner alot but i stopped for some reason. youve inspired me to do it again haha :)

  5. french fries looks nice on you. such a pretty look. your gorgeous

  6. @Aranza hehe Thank you! Girl, get on it! ahha jk I started buying like two years ago. I mostly get lip products but I am getting more into their pigments and I do have couple eye things. I still have lots to try.

    @Christine Thank you! That seems like an odd smell haha but I thought it was like something that will make me puke. I will probably try it then just to spot clean my brushes.

    @Rakhshanda Thank you! I will for sure check your lovely blog!

    @Donna Baby Yay! I am glad I got to do that for you! I loove it even though I fight with my eyeliner sometimes haha. Thanks!

    @Kaykay THank yoU! I don't know I went without this color. I loove it!

    @MakeupJunkie88 Thank you!

  7. You should give the brush cleaner a try, its so affordable that if you dont like it, it wont be a big deal :)

    And you should also try the cream eyeliners. :)

    Thank you so much for your comments <3

    x Christine

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  9. Candid Coral is such a pretty color, i really like it :)

    x Christine

  10. I love the way you do your eyeliner.