Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Product Rave!


SO, I found out Maybelline has a new foundation called Dream Smooth Mousse. I finally got it and I love it! I don't own any foundation so this is the first time using one. I bought the color in BUFF which I just picked at random cause I was in a hurry but lucky for me it is the right shade for me. It is very creamy and even though the packaging makes it seem like it has a lot of product (which it doesn't) a lil goes a long way. I used it for school today and it's really hot so I was sweaty all over my face (gross right?)everything stayed in place no streaking and no itchiness (which I get sometimes when I wear make up and sweat). SO, that's a total plus for me and it covered my blemishes so yay!!

A lot of gurus reviewing it say it's better for dry skin which I have. So, if you have dry skin it's more of a plus to you but either way everyone should try it!

I bought mine at Walmart for $7 something but at CVS it runs at 9 dollars so yea.

It's sooooo hot :( I HATE it...I can't wait for Winter!

That is all <3


  1. great review I've been wanting to use this !! ,thanks

    its so hot outside omg !!!

  2. Thanks!! You should try it you would love it!

    Ugh! it is...its nasty :(. I can't wait for it to go away haha

  3. I really want to try this foundation!!! I have oily skin, and here in AZ is like 200 degrees...I wonder if it will melt off my face???!!! But for $9, I guess I should try it...I cant wait either for the winter to come...I swore i would never again complain if its cold =D

  4. @Aranza I don't think it will melt on your face..its very smooth not drying at all. You should try it! Oh no! Im bitching and I'm in Cali... Im sure its worse over there. I can't stand it..I jsut want winter back ahah

  5. Lol Cali is a little cold for me lol! I think it has been at least 107F degrees and soooo humid1 I walk like a block and a half from ASU parking to the building and seriously, my perfectly staightened hair turns into a frizzy mess, and we all get so sticky and sweaty. It hads been worse than other years due to the high humidity...i would never ever ever bitch about winter. ever lol!

  6. @Aranza Yea! Like I go to school and I spend half my day there and I get my hair all nice and straight and its matter of sec its nasty :(. I have thin hair so it gets tangled easily. I feel your pain ahah. I love the cold. I swear I can wear tank tops in winter time and it wouldnt even be that cold. ahahha I rather be cold than sweaty and sticky

  7. I want to try this, have the worst pores!
    Great blog! Be back soooon! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.
    Happy Friday! :) x