Sunday, August 1, 2010

My favorite Palette!

Kat Von D's True love palette!

It is true love! The colors that I am crazy about are the ones on the left side which are called Peanut, Benji, Rebeckah and Lucifer. If you like neutrals and purples you should check this palette out. I admit I was kinda disappointed at the cream shadow that it came with; Benji. It was very dry and hard to apply...I guess cause it's been in stock for a long time its not even creamy anymore but that doesn't stop me! hahaha It is such a pretty bronze color base that I can't let go to waste..I just have to fight a little with it. I LOOOOVE Rebekah its a shimmery brownish/goldish color..I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. This would be my go to palette.

I also own Metal Orchestra by Kat Von D....I haven't played with this palette too much. The blues are amazing though...the fall is coming up so I will try to use them.

Kat Von D has a new palette called Adora out at Sephora now. I LOVE the packaging but I am not sure if I am crazy about the 3 cream shadows since yet..I would have to see swatches!

Any of you ladies have any Kat Von D products? Do you love it? thoughts?

I hope you guys had a GREAT weekend!


  1. I don't have any of her products, but her palettes always look so good.

  2. Yes, they do. She has like five or something but these two stand out to me.

  3. I dont have. But this palete lokks great:)

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  5. thanks for the love on my page oh yes at last I found a Kat von dee follow love her product
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  6. Yes! I love Kat Von D products! Of course I will follow!

  7. i havent tried any of her products yet, but i want to! luv the packaging!
    have u tried her eyeshadow base yet?

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  8. Sorry, never heard of it, unfortunately. My eyeshadows are mainly from MAC, NARS, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown. ps I'm following!